Cloud One Services for International Partners

For all Our international partners that wish to collect traffic from Kenya we have created special SIP Trunk service with Kenyan DID Number

SIP Trunk & DID Number

This product can be used by any of our International partners. 

The easy and quickly deployed solution for collecting traffic from Kenya.  For all those partners that want to bring their Kenyan audience closer to them.  It can be utilised in hospitality, trade, software development and many other industries.

Let your Kenyan customers dial local number and we will deliver traffic to you.

  • 30 Incoming Simultaneous Calls
  • SIP trunk and 1 Cloud One +25420790XXXX DID number
  • Set-up Fee 10$ USD – One off
  • Monthly Rental Fee of 10$ USD 
  • No Preloaded Monthly Talk-Time (Receive Only)
  • No charge for call forwarding
  • Prepaid Billing
  • Optional Cloud One Additional DID Numbers
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