Premium Support Ticket
0.00 Kshs 0.0 KES
Billed on hourly basis & Per Ticket per issue
Paid Support Tickets are valid for 1 year
Installation of 3CX Phone System
0.00 Kshs 0.0 KES
Installation will be done by 3CX Certified Expert
Includes Cloud One SIP Trunk Installation.
VoIP Gateways & 3rd Part SIP Trunks are an Add On to the base system & require to be quoted separately
Installation of Phone System User Endpoint
1,550.00 Kshs 1,550.00 Kshs 1550.0 KES
Installation of Phone System User Endpoint will be done by Certified Expert
3rd Party SIP Trunk Interconnect Fee
0.00 Kshs 0.0 KES
Securely connect your own Telkom / Safaricom / Airtel / On-premise GSM Gateway SIP Trunk to your hosted PBX
• Customer bears all costs associated with provisioning of customer preferred 3rd party telco (TKL, Airtel, Safaricom) SIP trunks
• 3rd Party SIP Trunk Integration site for Cloud One hosted phone system & VMs is at Africa Data Centre on Mombasa Road, Sameer Park
3rd Party SIP Trunk Setup Fee
14,975.00 Kshs 14,975.00 Kshs 14975.0 KES
Configuration of 3rd Party SIP Trunk will be done by certified expert