Type Approval Compliance

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has within its remit the responsibility of type approving and accepting all telecommunications equipment intended to work within the public telecommunications networks in the country. CA is also responsible for type approving or accepting radio communication equipment intended for use in Kenya.

Equipment that require type approval

All communications equipment intended to send, process or receive information within the public telecommunications network is subject to type approval by the Authority.  Type approval is done only once for each model of equipment.

Examples of the said communication equipment include but are not limited to:

  • Mobile cellular devices (2G/3G/4G and future generations)
  • Public Switched Telephone Network equipment (PABX, Fax, telephone handsets)
  • Radio communication equipment (CB, HF, UHF,VHF, Microwave, Satellite, Broadcast transmitters)
  • Data equipment (Routers, modems, switches)
  • Digital Set top boxes (Satellite and Cable)

Who needs to seek type approval?

All entities that wish to market/sell or use communication equipment in Kenya must seek for type approval/acceptance of this equipment.

Only duly licensed vendors and contractors are allowed to market/sell communication equipment and must therefore first obtain type approval from the Authority for each model of equipment they intend to sell. Entities wishing to use communication equipment on their networks must have the requisite licence to operate the communication network.

Applicants are advised to refer to the List of Type Approved Equipment and Type Approval Rejected Equipment before submitting an application.

Redstar Africa Networks Ltd Equipment Vendors Licence Certificate

Below is a list of all Type Approved Equipment sold & serviced by Redstar Africa Networks & its channel partners

Equipment Type Name Type Approval Required Type Approval Certificate
IP Phone Yealink T2 Series IP Phones YES Download Certificate
IP Phone  Yealink T4 Series IP Phones
YES Download Certificate
Software 3CX Phone System NOT REQUIRED BY CA as its classified as software