Why Partner with us?

With our extremely low turnover of staff you will receive a dedicated account manager and technicians who are familiar with your configuration and goals.

Our customers experience exceptionally low failure rates, dedicated training and 24/7 access to our support desk.

All we do is Managed Voice, and we are the experts at doing just that so why partner with a jack of all trades when you can have a master of one.

Our Infrastructure

Cloud One’s core infrastructure is located in African Data Centre, Nairobi, Kenya, which is known as the Kenya’s foremost internet hub and backbone for the Kenyan Internet network.

All hosted PBX instances are isolated software containers. Being in ADC enables us to have direct connections to all the major networks in the Kenya and Internationally. For the customer, this means crystal clear and reliable phone calls with HA and disaster recovery.

In addition to this, for customers that require High Availability we operate a Full DR location at Chancery Data Centre so you can offer Full Geographical Load balanced services.